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Advanced Technology

At Periodontal Specialists, we are always exploring and evaluating technological advances in dentistry that would offer a better clinical experience for our patients with their periodontitis treatment. In March of 2015, we incorporated the Periolase, as another option to treat periodontal disease. The Periolase is an effective and more comfortable means of regaining periodontal health for our patients with considerably less post-operative issues. Recently we have added a Conebeam CT, a 3-D imaging system, that will enhance our diagnostic and treatment planning capabilities for the placement of dental implants. At Periodontal Specialists, we believe the incorporation of new and proven technology is for the betterment of our patients and improves the quality of their lives.

PerioLase MVP-7 Laser

Periodontal Specialists is a leading authority on the use of lasers in the treatment of periodontitis. There is a high incidence of periodontal disease in our population. Most patients can be treated successfully with the Periolase. The Periolase, an Nd Yag laser, is used specifically for LANAP therapy which is designed to help you keep your natural teeth. The Periolase is safe, effective, and produces only minimal discomfort which makes your recovery faster.

PreXion CBCT 3D imaging

An incredible technology we are using is the new 3D scanner from PreXion.  It allows us to take amazingly clear images of the mouth we can use for a variety of purposes.  It also allows us to keep these images digitally, instead of the outdated method of casts of the mouth that are not nearly as informative and difficult to share with other dental offices.