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The mission of Periodontal Specialists is to serve the needs of our patients through the diagnosis and treatment of their periodontal disease and through rehabilitation with dental implants. Our top periodontists believe that helping patients maintain their teeth, or using dental implants to add or secure teeth, will lead to an enhanced quality of life. Most of our patients are referred to us by their general dentist and we will work in partnership with them to maintain or restore your oral health. If you are concerned about your periodontal health, a referral is not necessary, please call our office directly.

At Periodontal Specialists it is important to us that all patients have the information to make informed decisions regarding their health. This website is developed to give you information about the periodontal disease process, systemic complications involved with periodontal disease, dental implants, and potential treatment options. This website will also introduce you to our doctors and answer basic questions such as office locations and hours. When you choose Periodontal Specialists, we want you to feel comfortable that you are working with a qualified, experienced team of professionals that care about your long-term health.

As each individual patient’s needs are unique, this website is not designed to diagnose or recommend treatment options. This can only be done in consultation with one of our doctors.

Meet the best Periodontists in Minnesota

Dr Wolfe

Dr. Wolfe is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska. He attended the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry where he received his D.D.S. degree in 1986. Dr. Wolfe received his Master of Science in Dentistry and certificate in Periodontics in 1989 from the Indiana University School of Dentistry. Upon completion of his graduate program, Dr. Wolfe joined Periodontal Specialists.

He and his wife, Connie, reside in Owatonna, MN. They have two daughters, both are graduates of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Dr. Wolfe enjoys spending time with these three wonderful women in his life. During the fall, he can be found wearing red and in attendance for the Cornhusker football games. Daily walks, great BBQ and German food are some of his favorites!

Dr. Wolfe has always enjoyed history. His current interest is the American Civil War. He and his wife’s travels have taken them to several battlefields and military parks. Connie has been a real trouper and enjoys the history as well, as long as there is a winery to visit at the end of the tour.

“I knew at a pretty early age that I wanted to be a dentist. It wasn’t until my third year of dental school, however, that I began to think about doing a specialty.

My initial lure to periodontics was the science, in particular the microbiology. As I started in clinic doing the scaling and root planing procedures and oral hygiene instruction, I soon realized that I was getting to know my patients better because I was seeing them on a more regular basis.

I began to see periodontics as the specialty most like a general dental practice in that I would have a chance to develop a long term relationship with the patients I served. After 33 years in practice, I have found this to be true and most satisfying.

Yours for better periodontal health.”

Dr. Wolfe
Dr. Kristy Johnson

Dr. Johnson

Dr. Johnson was born in Wyoming, and raised in Summersville, West Virginia. She received her bachelor’s degree from West Virginia University and spent a semester exploring her heritage in the arctic city of Bodø, Norway. She also earned her D.D.S. degree from WVU. Dr. Johnson received her periodontal training at the UAB School of Dentistry & the VA Medical Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. After completion of her graduate programs, she joined the team at Periodontal Specialists.

She resides in Rochester and enjoys meeting new people & all the outdoor activities Minnesota has to offer. Dr. Johnson enjoys hiking and taking time to observe the small things in nature. Her current outdoor goal is visiting every State Park in Minnesota and filling up her Hiking Club book with all the hidden state park “passwords”. Dr. Johnson has also become an avid watercolor painter & is a community artist member at Threshold Arts in Rochester. She promotes embracing creativity and growth through art, writing, & acts of personal bravery. She is also a passionate traveler, enjoys reading, cooking, & musical theatre.

Professionally, Dr. Johnson is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and is Board Certified in Periodontology & Dental Implant Surgery, which is the highest level of distinction within the field of periodontics, requiring additional study and examination. She is a member of a local Spear Study Club where she collaborates with other dentists & specialists.  Dr. Johnson serves on the Dental Advisory Board for the local RCTC Dental Hygiene & Assisting Programs. She is also a member of the American Dental Association, the Minnesota Dental Association, the Midwest Society of Periodontology, as well as multiple local dental societies.

The longer I work in the dental field, the more I realize how dentistry is not just about teeth. It’s about quality of life & overall wellness and happiness. Nothing is more rewarding than when a patient returns & happily reports how much their blood sugar levels have improved after their periodontal treatment or how much they love their implants & having their smile back. Seeing that newfound confidence or improvement in their health, & life, for that matter… That is my goal every day. When our patients feel good about themselves, they share that joy with us and it is incredibly rewarding.

My parents, an engineer and a nurse, instilled in me a passion for both working with my hands & caring for the human spirit. I believe that this is why I have always gravitated towards dentistry, & periodontics specifically. I wanted a career in which I could form long-lasting & genuine relationships with my patients, help maintain their teeth for years to come and make them feel at home. Periodontics is the dental specialty that focuses on just that. My dream is that your time spent with our team at Periodontal Specialists feels not only comfortable but like time spent in the company of caring friends. I look forward to visiting with you soon. “