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Does Diabetes Increase the Risk of Periodontitis

Does Diabetes Increase the Risk of Periodontitis The connection between diabetes and periodontal disease is a matter of significant concern. For starters, if you have diabetes, you’re more likely to develop this pesky dental condition. And trust us, you don’t want it – periodontal disease can cause gum inflammation and is rampant worldwide. The severity […]

Gum Disease – Everything You Should Know

Gum Disease – Everything You Should Know Gum disease is one of the most common oral health issues around. It affects almost everyone at least once in their lifetime. The disease begins as a result of inadequate oral hygiene maintenance, and if left untreated, can progress to irreversible stages. Causes of Gum Disease The layer […]

Can Dental Implants Be Affordable?

With the rising popularity of dental implants, more people are choosing to replace their dentures and bridges with implants as a preferable and permanent solution for their missing teeth. Unfortunately, dental implants can often prove to be a costly affair for most patients. An increasing number of people are continuing to gravitate towards schemes that […]

Get Top Advice from Periodontist for Teeth Maintenance

Get Top Advice from Periodontist for Teeth Maintenance Periodontitis is the chronic form of gingivitis, a type of gum infection to affect patients. In America, teens and oldies have to take medications for tackling this gum disease. In the case of negligence, patients can suffer from gum bleeding and inflammation in the regions of the […]

Types of Dental Implants

Types of Dental Implants Dental implants comprehend of a titanium screw which mimics a tooth root and the surgery is usually carried out under the influence of anesthesia. The implant is placed into the jaw of the patient and is fixed firmly so that the patient can eat, speak and smile without any problem. Single […]

Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Treatment of Periodontal Disease In simple terms, periodontitis is an infection in the gums. Periodontal Disease is caused by bacteria that have been piling up on teeth and gums. As periodontitis advances, your bones and teeth can be damaged. However, if periodontitis is treated early then the damage can be stopped. The goal of periodontitis […]

All you need to know about gum disease!

All you need to know about gum disease! Gum disease is extremely common and they can happen to anyone at any particular age. If you have a gum disease, your gums might bleed when you brush your teeth and you will have bad breath. This is the early stage of gum disease which is known […]

Periodontist- Gum’s specialist

Periodontist- Gum’s specialist Basically, a periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum related diseases and in the placement of dental implants. Periodontists receive a great level of training in these areas. They also study three years more after receiving their dental education. Periodontitis is a common gum related disease and […]

How do I prevent common Periodontal Disease?

How do I prevent common Periodontal Disease? Introduction to Periodontitis Periodontitis – A common gum related or Periodontal Disease is a sort of infection that affects the soft tissues of the gums or the bone that supports our teeth. If this disease remains untreated for long can cause damage around the areas of the bone […]

Gum Disease: Signs & Symptoms

Gum Disease: Signs & Symptoms Your gums are the protective barrier of your teeth root. They are made of soft tissues protecting the best tool to bite food given by nature. Oral health is largely dependent on the health of gums. Brushing is prescribed twice in a day to remove leftover of foods between the […]