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Gum Disease: Signs & Symptoms

Gum Disease: Signs & Symptoms

Your gums are the protective barrier of your teeth root. They are made of soft tissues protecting the best tool to bite food given by nature. Oral health is largely dependent on the health of gums. Brushing is prescribed twice in a day to remove leftover of foods between the teeth and nearby areas to maintain healthy overall oral health. The leftover of food can causes the plague which later on can release harmful toxins to damage the gums. The toxins are the reason behind the redness and inflammation around the areas of gums. This, later on, can be a Gum disease known as Gingivitis.

Here in this writing, we are going to explore the 5 signs that may be the start of serious gum disease:

1. Bad Breath Experience:

The mouth is a breeding ground of bacteria due to its contented atmosphere with nice warm temperature with moisture. The bacteria in the mouth feed on the leftover plague of the food. The invaders of the mouth release toxins which are the cause of bad breath experience and can be the reason for serious gum disease.

2. Swelling and Redness around the Gums:

One of the major signs of gum disease is the swelling and redness around the areas of the gum line. You might seek attention when you are brushing or flossing in the morning. The inflammation causes the gum tissues to be weak and bleed while brushing or putting pressure. This is the start of gum disease and can be pretty painful and expensive in the later stages. If you witness such symptoms; seek a consultation from a Periodontist immediately.

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3. Sensitivity on teeth:

When you hanging out with your friends and taste a chilled drink and your teeth feel a painful sensation, it is sensitivity. This indicates that your gums are not healthy and they have exposed the sensitive area of the teeth which causes sensation while drinking cold drinks or eating ice creams.

4. Receding of the Gum Line:

Gum line receding is also one of the symptoms of gum disease. When you see your teeth seems bigger in size it is the sign that your gum line is receding and the growth of the gum is hindered. This receding can expose the sensitive area of the teeth. Also, the gum starts to lose its grip on the teeth and starts untying itself from the tooth.

5. Change in the Bite Pressure:

Ever felt the bite pressure that your teeth used to exert on the food is receding. If you did, it is the start of the gum disease. Most of the gum disease starts to attack the bones that are holding the teeth. This makes your teeth move from their position and not attacking the food with the same pressure again that they used to be. A slight push from the tongue can experience the motion in the teeth.

If you feel one of these signs in your daily, consult the Periodontist as early as it can be. A periodontist is the expert of Gum disease and can figure out what is affected to treat it accordingly.