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5 problems 1 solution – Visit the nearest Periodontist

Periodontists are the experts or professionals that deal with the gum diseases and structures that support the teeth. In simple words, they can understand different inflammation of gums and cure the problems before it gets out of your hand. They have different gum grafting techniques under their belt through which they can perform minor to major gum surgeries. The Periodontist can refashion your gum tissues and reshape your jaws just like the plastic surgeon does with your face.

Here in this writing, we are going to emphasis on those 5 problems that can make us visit the Periodontist soon:

1. Taste of the blood in your mouth:

While brushing the teeth in the morning, we come across the blood mixed with our toothpaste in our basins. That’s the sign of bleeding gums. A closer look into the mirror shows the sign of red and swollen gums. This can be the start of a major problem and a painful one too. Visit an expert Periodontist soon before it turns out to be an expensive problem in the end.

periodontal disease

2. Wonder why I feel moving teeth:

If chewing foods or just a push from the tongue makes you feel moving teeth or loose teeth. Don’t just consider this your imagination it might be something quite serious gum problem later on. This could be a sign of gum disease or underlying tooth bone damage. This might be expensive to your pockets in the future if negligence finds you affirmative. Consult a Periodontist as soon as you can to avoid further damage and let them understand the root cause so that you may be treated on time with better treatments.

3. Gum line receding:

Gum line receding seems to be common in the US in recent days where people find their teeth to be visible more than the needed one. Gum line receding makes your teeth weak as the roots are not getting the proper support that they need from the gums. Gum line receding is veteran as the age grows but if you are in the 30s. It may turn out to be a serious periodontal disease. You should consult a Periodontist in your area to find out whether it is just by your age or disease just to make sure.

4. I can’t bite anyone anymore:

Biting someone is bad but can’t bite your food, this is serious. Sometimes we feel that our teeth are not putting enough pressure that it used to be. This is the beginning of a periodontal problem and can turn serious in the long term if not treated properly. Book an appointment with an expert to find the cause else you don’t find your teeth to bite anyone.

5. Pain and sensitivity:

Oral pain in a specific area can be a periodontal problem if it is related to the gum area. While eating food or drinking cold water or drinks makes you feel uncomfortable in your gum areas, you should consult Periodontist before it is too late.