Your First Visit

We will schedule your first visit, except for an emergency, by appointment.  Since your understanding is vital to the success of your treatment, we will reserve an hour of our periodontist’s time for your first visit.  Your questions and participation in this appointment are most welcome.

We will review your past and present medical conditions, previous dental treatment, reasons for seeking care and your desired results.  Periodontal diagnosis requires a detailed study of your periodontal problem.  One of our periodontists will complete a thorough clinical exam, review your x-rays and any other necessary diagnostic information.  A treatment plan will be discussed with you to restore your oral health.

Please bring a list of your current medications, including prescription and over the counter medication.  A set of current x-ray films is necessary.  If none are available from your general dentist or you do not presently have a general dentist, we will take them for you at our office.

No periodontal treatment will be completed at the first visit.  This appointment is your opportunity to find out about the disease process, treatment options available to you and the risks of seeking no treatment for this disease.  You can then make informed decisions regarding your health.



At Periodontal Specialists your health and treatment experience is important to us.  Our fees reflect the high level of care you will receive from our team.  After your treatment has been outlined for you, our Business Assistants will discuss fees and payment options.  We accept major credit cards, financing through US Bank and Care Credit as well as a courtesy savings.

We will gladly accept your insurance plan and will file all claims so that you can receive the maximum benefit from the plan your employer has selected for you.  Because helping you reach the level of health you desire is our goal, we are an unrestricted provider (out of network) for all insurance companies.  Insurance companies have limitations and restrictions regarding treatment procedures.  As an unrestricted provider we are not bound by these limitations and restrictions, your treatment plan will be designed strictly by your oral health needs.