Continuing Education

At Periodontal Specialists, we believe in the team concept of practicing dentistry within our office as well as within the dental community. We encourage and welcome the opportunity to share information for the benefit of all patients. We offer many complimentary programs to offices with which we have a professional relationship. In many cases, continuing education credits are available. The following is a brief description of some of the continuing education opportunities available to you and your team. Please feel free to contact Mandi Mathison at or by phone at 507-226-4195 to discuss details or schedule a meeting.

Periodontal Assessment:  This program is created to assist general dental offices in feeling more comfortable assessing periodontal disease and performing preliminary treatment or to review your present protocols.

Calibration:  Due to the concern for accurately recording pocket depths and furcations, this program is designed to review these techniques.

Lunch and Learns:  One of our staff would be glad to facilitate a team meeting for all or part of your team on a topic of your choice.

Observation:  Periodontal Specialists believes that seeing (observation) can be a powerful tool. We encourage team members to call and schedule time to observe a periodontal or dental implant procedure.

Hygiene Study Groups:  This group meets twice a year and is designed to discuss various topics regarding patient care that will allow our offices to work as a team for the patient’s health. Hygienists have found this group to be a great resource for the challenges we face daily with patients. Please click on Upcoming Meetings for a date and location in your area.

Fall Meeting:  Every fall since 1992, we have sponsored an all-day meeting for the complete dental team at Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN. We know your professional and personal time is extremely valuable. Periodontal Specialists is dedicated to providing presentations at the Fall Meeting that are worthy of your time and that of your team.